About me

Ruben van der Horst is a composer, audio engineer and producer from the Netherlands.    

The twenty-five-yearold multi-instrumentalist spent his childhood traveling to countries like Kenya, Indonesia and South-Korea. He also lived in Albania and South-Africa. Doing so, he observed a massive diversity in cultures, people, and most of all in music.   

Ruben was raised in a musical family, which brought with it a number of pro’s. From being a toddler on, Ruben waddled through the music studio his father and uncle had built under their house. He climbed on the drums, sneezed on the keyboards, and occasionally stuck a microphone in his mouth. Now that he is older, he makes use of this studio with the same exploratory attitude, but with a more focused mindset 


In 2021 Ruben received his Bachelor of Music Dutch at the University of the Arts, specialising in composition for media and music production. He is currently involved in projects concerning music for the media and recording/mixing acoustic and classical music.